Manage jobs and drive more efficiency

Easily access client records, contact details, communication history and project-related information

You’ll love the flexibility and convenience of viewing all the key information you need on your mobile!

Access customer info when you're out of the office

Effortlessly find contact details within WorkflowMax by BlueRock and reduce the need to search through various platforms

View all your key information in one place


Simplified time tracking on the run

Record time your way - save it as a draft, see a weekly view, or review, edit and enter time retrospectively - all from the app

Use the start/stop timer, or enter time directly, retrospectively or by total hours worked

Strengthen client relationships by demonstrating your attention to detail and commitment to meeting their individual needs

View notes, docs, costs and add attachments

Seamlessly browse attached documents, notes, tasks and add your own

Send photos and files - as attachments - from your mobile to jobs

I do like how easy it is to record time meetings and notes. Most of our guys are out onsite - being able to track every minute of every day is crucial for operations and effective cost management.
Mark Forbes Contech Digital Solutions

Frequently asked questions

What devices are supported?

You'll be able to access WorkflowMax by BlueRock on both Android and iOS devices. 

How do I switch between accounts?

It’s easy. Just select the hamburger icon at the bottom-right of the screen. From the list of available accounts, choose the one you wish to use.

How do I go about multi-device time recordings?

Simply install WorkflowMax by BlueRock on all your preferred devices, such as your iPhone and tablet, and seamlessly record time across them. 

When will the app be available for users?

We're committed to delivering a high-quality product, and our target is to launch the app with its core functionalities by the end of May 2024! Our team is working diligently to ensure that these key features meet our standards of excellence. While our focus is on delivering a functional product within this timeframe, we're committed to continuously improving and expanding its capabilities over time. We'll keep you informed of our progress as we work towards this goal!

Additional features