Education and training

Will my staff and I have to learn anything new?

There will be minimal training required - WorkflowMax by BlueRock will include the same features and functionality you know and love, plus some new features that the community has been requesting for quite some time.

Is there an online learning course I can do to use WorkflowMax by BlueRock to its full potential?

We will be launching knowledge management, training guides and courses. If you’d like to speak with an expert, we recommend contacting an implementation partner who can provide advanced thinking and support.

What training and onboarding options do you offer?

Once you have started your trial, you will be guided with in-product prompts and a new product tour.  You’ll also find detailed information and instructions in the online help centre. The WorkflowMax by BlueRock support team will be available 24/7 to help with any ad hoc questions.  We plan to launch a new WorkflowMax academy before the 26 June 2024 with fresh new tutorials and self-paced learning. If you get stuck, you can reach out to our partner network for additional support.

Will there be training and onboarding resources available to help us and our team get up to speed with the new software?

Most certainly. Our migration process is extremely intuitive, however, there is a step-by-step migration guide available to download. Throughout the entire process from signing up for a trial to going through the migration process, you will be guided with in-product prompts and a new product tour.

You’ll find detailed information and instructions in the online support centre. The WorkflowMax by BlueRock support team will be available 24/7 to help with any ad hoc questions.

Data security and privacy

How will you ensure the security and privacy of our data during and after migration?

We are deeply committed to safeguarding the security and privacy of your account data. Here's how we maintain the safety and confidentiality of your information:


Data encryption: WorkflowMax by BlueRock employs robust encryption techniques to protect your sensitive account data. We use industry-standard encryption protocols to convert your data into unrecognisable code. This is just one of many security processes we use to ensure your information remains safe.

Data replication: Your account data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, which are renowned for their stringent security measures and uptime. AWS uses comprehensive security monitoring protocols and physical safeguards to ensure your data is secure against any potential threats. Furthermore, we replicate your account data in multiple AWS locations, providing redundancy and additional layers of protection.

Certification and compliance: If you're a Xero user, you can have confidence in the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock's commitment to security. We are certified by Xero and adhere to the same rigorous security protocols and compliance standards that all official Xero app partners must meet. This means your data is handled with the same care and diligence as other top-tier apps within the Xero ecosystem.

Access control: We implement strict access controls and permissions to ensure that WorkflowMax by BlueRock personnel can only access your data if an account administrator has invited them into the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account. This minimises the risk of data exposure and ensures that your information is handled by trusted individuals only.

Multi-factor authentication: To further strengthen our commitment to data security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be mandatory for all WorkflowMax by BlueRock accounts. This additional layer of protection significantly enhances the security of your information by requiring two forms of verification. Not only is this considered a best practice in the realm of digital security, but it is also mandated by various tax administration authorities worldwide, including Australia.

How do you ensure the integrity and accuracy of data during migration?

Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your data during the migration process is a top priority for us. We understand the critical importance of preserving your information as you transition to the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock. Here's how we maintain data integrity:


API connection: We use a secure and reliable API connection to facilitate the migration. This direct link between the old WorkflowMax by Xero and the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock ensures that data is transferred accurately and efficiently.

Data mapping: We have carefully mapped all the existing data fields to the corresponding fields in the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock. This mapping process ensures that your data is transferred to the appropriate locations without any loss or misalignment.

Data validation: Before, during, and after migration, we employ rigorous data validation processes to verify the accuracy of the information being transferred. This helps us identify and rectify any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

Data validation reports: Once your migration is complete, we provide you with a detailed data validation report, which will confirm the percentage of data that has been migrated successfully for each area of the product. If there are errors or issues with data, there will be a detailed report outlining which information has not been imported and how to fix it.


How do I see the new feature summary and request status?

To create a feature request, navigate to the feature requests forum . You can see the status of each feature request marked as Open, Under Consideration, Planned for Development, In Development, or Complete.

Features and Functionality

Will WorkflowMax by BlueRock have the same features that I currently use?

Yes, the same features will be available and we’ll be adding new enhancements for you over the redevelopment period!

Feature requests

Can I make a feature request?

Yes, submit your features requests on this page


Will my existing integration/s be available?

WorkflowMax by BlueRock intends to integrate with Xero, HubSpot, Google Drive, and Dropbox, and support other third-party integrators in the transition. Plus, many more on the horizon.

Will the Xero integration change?

We are building a new integration with Xero for the new product which will have the same data points and V2 will include even more data points. Your existing Xero integration will remain in operational in Xero’s WorkflowMax until Xero retires WorkflowMax on 26 June 2024.

Will the public/open API be changing?

V1 of the WorkflowMax by BlueRock API closely mirrors the existing WorkflowMax by Xero V3 API. This design means that existing integrations and app partners can seamlessly maintain continuity by simply re-authenticating their integration to connect to the V1 API. In parallel, we’re actively developing V2 . This modern JSON-based API introduces enhancements including a refined data structure. For example, it incorporates custom field data as part of the standard response, eliminating the need for a separate call to retrieve this information. Additionally, V2 boasts webhook support, enabling integrations to subscribe to real-time events and receive immediate updates.

Will my existing apps be available to reconnect to WorkflowMax by BlueRock? Which apps will be integrated into WorkflowMax by BlueRock?

We're excited to announce that V1 our new API will give all existing ecosystem partners (apps and third-party integration services) the opportunity to simply re-authenticate and connect to WorkflowMax by BlueRock. The V1 API closely mirrors WorkflowMax by Xero’s V3 API so that there is minimal development effort required to re-integrate. We’re also developing a WorkflowMax by BlueRock app marketplace and directory which will be available at

Will you be making improvements to the Xero integration?

We are looking at numerous ways to improve the current Xero integration. Elements such as being able to edit fields on the invoice after approval, supporting multi-currency, syncing payments both ways, and pushing documents into Xero are some of the areas under consideration.

Will custom fields be available via the API as standard responses rather than a separate endpoint? For example, if a custom field is added to a job and the job endpoint is used, it returns all job info including custom field data.

Our V1 API will continue to serve custom field data in the same manner as WorkflowMax by Xero’s existing V3 API. When V2 is ready, custom fields will be included as part of a standard API response, rather than provided as a separate endpoint.

Are there options for integrating the new software with our existing tools and systems?

Yes, WorkflowMax by BlueRock will have its own ecosystem of apps that integrate with the new software. All existing WorkflowMax by Xero app partners have been invited to reconnect to the new software. These apps will be published on from the middle of November 2023. Once the app has reconnected to the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock product, you can reconnect your new WorkflowMax account to that app.

If you would like help to create a new custom integration using the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock API, contact our partner community (details on website). The new API documentation will be available from 1 February 2024.

Will my Xero integration still work?

Once the migration is complete, you will need to reconnect your Xero integration to your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account. To connect to Xero, an administrator should go their account settings and follow the Xero connection wizard in the integration section.


Will you be introducing an inventory and stock control solution or integration ability?

We don't have plans to build inventory management into WorkflowMax by BlueRock at this time. We will however be building additional endpoints in our API to allow for better and deeper integrations into third-party inventory management solutions.


How can I migrate my data to WorkflowMax by BlueRock?

You can use the migration wizard to make things easier. Visit the for more information.

Will the migration wizard be free?

Yes the migration wizard will be free to use for any existing WorkflowMax by Xero user.

If we’re already a WorkflowMax by Xero customer, do we still need to sign up?

Existing WorkflowMax by Xero customers will be invited to start the migration process from the launch date end of February 2024 (if not earlier via the beta release). When migrating to the new platform, you’ll be activating a new subscription in WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

Will our custom fields be transferred to the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock set up as well?

Yes, custom fields will be migrated to your new account via our migration wizard.

Will existing customers have access to a sandpit area for testing purposes before go-live in February 2024?

You’re more than welcome to sign up for a free trial for WorkflowMax by BlueRock to test out the new features and functionality, and get comfortable before formally migrating your data across.

There may be some historical data that I don't want to migrate. Will it be an all or nothing exercise?

Our migration wizard will migrate all data in your existing WorkflowMax by Xero account to make sure that you continue to have access to all historical information that you might need. Once migrated, there is bulk action functionality in the WorkflowMax by BlueRock product that can be used to ‘tidy’ any old data as required, such as bulk archiving clients.

Will documents be migrated?

Yes, all documents attached to jobs, quotes, clients, and suppliers will be migrated.

Will notes be migrated?

You'll be pleased to know that notes will be seamlessly migrated as part of the process. There's no need for manual entry or reconfiguration. Your existing notes will be preserved in your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account.

Will milestones be migrated?

All job milestones will be migrated to your new jobs in WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

Will custom fields be migrated?

All existing custom fields will be migrated to your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account. The migration includes any data that has been populated in those custom fields on jobs, tasks etc.

In addition, custom fields may now be added to quotes in WorkflowMax by BlueRock. If the same custom field is added to both a quote and a job, the quote custom field data will automatically be copied to the job custom field, when the quote is marked as accepted. This new functionality can be used to capture non-financial job information earlier in your workflow.

Will staff permissions come across?

Yes, however, we have created a new feature called user roles which will allow you to set up specific permission sets and bulk invite your team. You will need to re-invite your staff to the new account once you are ready.

What data doesn’t come across, and what do I need to reconfigure?

The only items that won't come across (automatically) are custom reports, custom print templates, and 3rd party integrations. Visit our step-by-step migration resources for more information and instructions.

What is the expected timeline for the entire migration process, from planning to completion?

The migration itself (via the migration wizard) shouldn't take more than 24 hours. Timing will depend on the size of your business and the amount of data, people, and processes you migrate to WorkflowMax by BlueRock. However, the end-to-end migration (including the migration wizard) will depend on several factors including your seasonal quiet and peak times, billing and pay cycles, and numerous other factors. The planning stage could take anywhere from one to several weeks. See our handy migration resources for more information on what you should plan for.

How will the migration impact our day-to-day operations, and what steps can we take to minimise any disruption?

Migration itself could take from two - 24 hours depending on how much data has to come across. While migration is in progress you will not be able to use your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account, and we recommend that you do not use your old WorkflowMax by Xero account during this time. Data entered or edited in your WorkflowMax by Xero account will not be migrated across once you initiate the migration. You will need to plan to be offline for the duration of the migration process.

For this reason, we recommend that you complete any business-critical processes in your WorkflowMax by Xero account like:

  • completing timesheets if you rely on them for payroll
  • creating and sending invoices for completed jobs
  • receipting purchase orders so you can pay suppliers
  • completing and sending any urgent quotes.

Should I be removing staff access to my old WorkflowMax by Xero account?

No, not until the migration to your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account is complete. This means that your staff permissions and data will be automatically migrated to the new platform.

If you haven't already done so, it's good practice to set the work in progress (WIP) and period lock dates in the old account. This precaution will prevent staff from adding or editing financial data should they inadvertently access it after you have cutover.

Will there be any downtime during the migration process, and if so, how long is expected?

Businesses should prepare for up to 24 hours of downtime, where access to either system is locked. The person responsible for the migration plan should notify all users about the plan.

How can I reduce downtime for the migration process?

Choose to migrate on a date and time when your business operations are slower. This could be at the end of the workday or before the weekend.

Use the WIP and period lock dates to make sure no changes are being made after the migration commences.

If you did enter any information into your old WorkflowMax by Xero account during or post-migration, this will need to be re-entered or imported into your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account. Talk to an implementation partner who can advise you on the best approach.

What is the best time to migrate?

It completely depends on your business needs. It may be easier for your business to plan to migrate after the end of the accounting period (pay cycle, VAT or GST period). It is also best to plan it for either overnight, over the weekend or any other time your business slows down.

What happens if something goes wrong with my migration?

You can always re-do the migration. However, keep in mind that any data you’ve added or edited to your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account will be deleted and overwritten with the new data export. Any issues with the import will be detailed in a log with instructions on how to fix the data and retry those records. Raise a ticket with our support team if you need help.

Will the migration be any slower if I plan to migrate at a peak time, for example EOFY?

The duration of your migration is largely dependent on how much data is in your old WorkflowMax by Xero account. If there are a large number of migrations occurring at the same time, WorkflowMax by BlueRock’s AWS servers will automatically scale to cater for the increased demand to ensure your migration runs as quickly as possible.

If you plan to use a partner to help with your migration, discuss the timeframe with them in advance.

What happens if I don’t migrate before 26 June 2024?

Please refer to Xero Central to find out what Xero’s process is for removing the product from use on this date.

Mobile application

Will there be a mobile application?

The new WorkflowMax by BlueRock mobile application is under development and will be available before the WorkflowMax by Xero product is retired on 26 June 2024. However, the following features in the web app version will be optimised for a mobile browser so you will still have the same functionality.

  • Timesheets – new time entry, daily view, weekly summary.
  • Jobs – search/filter job list, view job overview, add/update task, assign staff, add/update note, upload/access documents, add/update costs.
  • Clients – view info, view contacts, view jobs.

New subscriptions

I'm a new customer wanting to switch to WorkflowMax by BlueRock. How do I move my data across easily?

From the end of March 2024, you can use the new import tool to bring in your important data from another application. Visit the help centre for instructions on how to prepare your data. For larger clients with more complex workflows, you may like to work with an implementation partner to get set up. Visit the partner directory for more information.


How do I know if I need to work with an implementation partner?

If you have multiple accounts to migrate, custom integrations, more than 20 staff, and/or no technical resources in your team, we recommend that you seek advice and support from one of our trusted implementation partners or certified advisors.

My advisor is the old WorkflowMax by Xero subscription holder. Will they need to migrate for me?

No, but you will need to have both administrator and API access privileges selected in your old WorkflowMax by Xero account. You won’t be able to complete the migration without this.


How does the three month discount work if we purchase WorkflowMax by BlueRock through our accountant?

The three month discount will be applied at the point of migration and subscription activation (prior to 1 April 2024). This will be applied independent of your relationship to your accountant.

Will my pricing remain the same?

Yes, pricing will remain the same, and if you create your new account before 1 April 2024, you'll receive 50% off your subscription for your first three months.

We're currently on a discounted rate for not-for-profit organisations. Will that be continued in the new platform?

We will honour the same not-for-profit subscription rates that you've previously been offered with Xero. Please raise a case with us to discuss and activate.

How does WorkflowMax by BlueRock Premium pricing differ to WorkflowMax by BlueRock Standard?

We are keeping the pricing and subscription packages the same as WorkflowMax by Xero to keep the migration to WorkflowMax by BlueRock as streamlined as possible. For more detail, refer to the existing WorkflowMax website Pricing page.

You mentioned pricing will be the same in 2024 - what are your pricing expectations after 2024?

Our commitment is to keep pricing exactly the same for all of 2024. Thereafter, we will likely revisit pricing, but certainly keeping to the same proposition of being a most feature-rich product, for a low price.

How do I get the 50% off 3 months offer on my new subscription?

If you sign up and purchase the new software by 1 April 2024, the discount will be automatically applied to your account in the billing system.

I’m not ready to migrate but I want the discount

That’s fine, simply start a trial of WorkflowMax by BlueRock and convert it to a paid account before 1 April 2024 to be eligible for 50% off your first 3 months. Then you’ll be able to do your migration when it suits and still receive the discounted subscription fee.

I’m not an existing WorkflowMax by Xero customer, can I still get the discount?

Yes, the promotion will be offered to everyone who signs up and converts to a paid subscription before 1 April 2024. See offer terms and conditions in our privacy policy.

Redundant elements being removed

We’re removing redundant elements in some of the features where usage is low, and technology is no longer supported. These include:

  • bar graph/pie graph format on report builder reports (these will be superseded by the new dashboard)
  • contact (Client) login
  • RSS notification feed
  • iCal event feed
  • feeSmart/feeLink
  • data import/export for MoneyWorks, MYOB, QuickBooks, Traffic, CashManager.


How do I find out about features and the roadmap?

Will all the features be the same as those that I currently use in WorkflowMax by Xero?

All existing WorkflowMax by Xero features will be available when WorkflowMax by BlueRock is released in February 2024 including:

  • lead manager
  • client manager
  • quotes
  • jobs
  • suppliers
  • task and time
  • costs
  • invoicing
  • purchase orders
  • WIP
  • custom reporting
  • custom fields
  • document management.

You’ll also see big improvements to the dashboard and reporting suite.


What support do you offer?

We will (at minimum) replicate what support capability and channels are already in place. We will have support team capability distributed around the world to provide round the clock help and local understanding.

How can we get assistance or technical support?

Our support team will be available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have. Email or raise a case when you’re logged in to your WorkflowMax by BlueRock account, and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

What level of customer support will be available during and after migration?

You can contact our support team 24/7. If you need more in-depth migration support and configuration, you can find certified implementation partner and advisor details on our website.

How big is your support team and where are they located?

We have support and customer success team members in all our key regions – UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia with the ability to support both the southern and northern hemispheres.


When does WorkflowMax by BlueRock launch?

The official launch date will be Wednesday 21 February at 12.00pm AEDT

How long will I have to convert to WorkflowMax by BlueRock?

Xero’s WorkflowMax product will be retired on 26 June 2024. You have up until this date to migrate.

When will WorkflowMax by BlueRock be available?

There will be a beta period for select customers in December 2023 and January 2024 with plans to go live in February 2024.

Trial period

How long can I trial the new software before I have to purchase it?

The trial is free for 14 days. Your trial can be extended while you are evaluating and setting up the software. Contact your implementation partner or the support team.


Who do I contact for questions about existing WorkflowMax subscriptions?

If you have a product, technical or account enquiry regarding your current WorkflowMax by Xero subscription then please browse Xero Central.

Your Xero WorkflowMax subscription and data

How do I cancel my WorkflowMax by Xero subscription?

You can cancel by navigating to the subscription tab in WorkflowMax by Xero and hit cancel account.

When is the best time to cancel?

Once you are confident that the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock solution supports your business processes as you expect, cancel the subscription to your old WorkflowMax by Xero account to avoid confusion and save on operational costs.

What happens to the data in WorkflowMax by Xero after I have migrated?

This is for Xero to confirm. Please check Xero Central for information about how Xero will handle your data post migration.