Real-time business intelligence

Real-time business intelligence

Make informed decisions with insightful, live data and analytics tools

Systematically enhance productivity and profitability, and pinpoint key growth areas

Full visibility helps you be proactive and mitigate losses

Performance and time oversight

Access detailed timesheet reports to see how time is being spent

Gain accurate insights into job and business profitability through integrated processes 

Maintain a keen oversight on productivity for efficient resource allocation

Performance and time oversight
Comprehensive profitability insights

Comprehensive profitability insights

Access an instantaneous overview of all billable jobs and assignments

Monitor and manage the entire revenue cycle, from invoices to payments 

Customise report views to understand work in progress and billing intricacies

Customisable and shareable reporting

Design specific reports, tailored for your unique business requirements

Add as many or as few fields as you want to get the information you need

Share key business insights effortlessly across your team and external stakeholders

Customisable and shareable reporting
David Oliver
As a long-time user, many features in the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock product have impressed me, but the new reporting feature is in a league of its own. Diving deep into the analytics of productivity, performance and profitability not only gives our clients a clear view of their business landscape but also empowers them to transform insights into tangible actions.
David Oliver Software expert, Valued

Frequently asked questions

I run the same kind of report regularly – can I get it to run automatically?

Currently, there isn't a way for reports to be run without user intervention, but after creating a report in the report builder, simply save it to your favourites for quick access next time. 

Can I represent my data visually?

You sure can! You can create pie charts, bar graphs and table reports within the report builder.

I can’t change anything in my report – why is this?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the layout of ready-made reports.

I can’t find a report for what I need. What do I do?

WorkflowMax by BlueRock has a list of system reports that are tailored to the common reporting needs of most businesses. If you want to report on something more specific, use the flexible report builder to make your own custom reports.

What’s changed with reporting?

The new, customisable dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of all your important job-related tasks, business performance and cash flow. Show or hide widgets and rearrange them into your preferred layout.

Additional features