Forecast your pipeline with clarity

Customise lead manager categories to predict conversion likelihood and value

Use accurate forecasts to efficiently manage cash flow and capacity

Get real-time insights into your team’s sales activities for proactive management

Easily track sales and pipeline activity

Sync website leads directly into WorkflowMax by BlueRock via the API

View all overdue activities, filter activities by staff member, and see upcoming activities in the calendar

Keep on top of the team activities that drive new business development

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Efficient lead conversion

Use lead templates for streamlined follow-ups and rapid conversions

Reduce lead to customer time by prioritising qualified leads

Forecast your sales pipeline accurately and embed consistent processes

Seamlessly turn leads into profits

Convert leads to profits with a fully integrated process

Seamlessly track and convert leads into quotes, jobs and invoices

Reconcile effortlessly with your accounting software, reviewing profits with ease

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“To manage a lead through the CRM, and then drive that lead into a job, and to see the profitability and performance of it all the way through is another reason why we always choose WorkflowMax by BlueRock.”
Adam Henwood Associate Director, BlueRock Digital

Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate the lead page from my website so a new lead is created in WorkflowMax by BlueRock?

Yes you can. You can link your website page to WorkflowMax by BlueRock leads using our public API.

Can I automate reminders to follow up my leads?

Yes you can. You can set up custom lead activity reminders so you don’t forget to follow up ever again.

If a potential customer requests a quote, can I link that quote to the lead record?

Yes you can. And even better, when you win that lead, or mark your quote as having been accepted by the client, a job will automatically be created, and the lead, the quote, the client and the job will all be linked together.

Can I report on my leads?

Yes you can. You can build your own lead and lead activity reports in the WorkflowMax by BlueRock report builder so that you can gain immediate insight into all your future business opportunities.

Can I automate the lead actions?

Yes you can. Simply set notifications and reminders to work that lead through your pipeline. Use lead templates for prospects that require a similar pattern of follow up, with predetermined activities that will make the process faster.

What’s new in lead manager?

There’s a beautiful new way to see and manage your sales pipeline with additional filtering and visualisation.

Additional features