Versatile time recording methods

Choose from over eight methods and find what suits you best

Start recording time quickly from the dashboard, a task, or a job's timesheet tab

Use the mobile app to record time anywhere

Detailed time management

Record exact start and finish times or log total hours worked

Document how time is spent for comprehensive reporting and accurate client invoicing

Admin teams can enter time for employees swiftly using various timesheet entry screens

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Enhanced reporting and insights

Use customisable timesheet reports to understand staff productivity and drive improvement

Monitor both billable and non-billable time for valuable insights into productivity

Use precise tracking data to identify budget deviations and avoid underquoting

Customer-centric design and accessibility

Choose daily or weekly time input options to accommodate different needs and preferences

Select timesheet rounding options to prevent invoice errors and make the most of billable value

Enjoy enterprise-grade features without the high costs, setup fees, or upfront charges

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We love WorkflowMax. It’s simple, easy to learn and cost-effective. We use it for time tracking and overall timesheet management. Just knowing the team at BlueRock have built a new product gives me such confidence!
Meaghan Siemensma Implementation & Sustainability Manager, Bestrane

Frequently asked questions

I’m out and about a lot...do you have a mobile app to record time?

The new WorkflowMax by BlueRock mobile application is under development and will be available before the WorkflowMax by Xero product is retired on 26 June 2024. However, the following features in the web app version will be optimised for a mobile browser so you will still have the same functionality.

  • Timesheets – view by new time entry, daily summary, or weekly summary.
  • Jobs – search and filter job list, view job overview, add and update tasks, assign staff, add and update notes, upload and access documents, add and update costs.
  • Clients – view info, view contacts and view jobs by client.

What if I don’t know all the job details – can I enter time later?

You sure can. Easily save a draft time entry and pick up where you left off.

Can I edit a timesheet once it’s been submitted?

Yes, but only as long as the timesheet entries haven’t been raised in an invoice. You can either head over to the Financial tab of your job and click 'Edit timesheet', or contact one of our specialists who’ll be happy to help.

I want to know what my team has been up to. What’s the best way to get more visibility of staff time?

You can build a time report which will show you the time submitted for a period. For more information visit the support centre.

I can’t get my staff to complete their timesheets on time. Do you have any tips?

It’s a problem a lot of small business owners face! Luckily we have some great tips and tricks to help you. Visit our blog and search 'timesheets'.

My client wants to know how every minute was spent. Can I put timesheet notes into my invoice?

Yes you can. WorkflowMax by BlueRock’s custom print invoice template functionality gives you flexibility to present your invoices as you like. From a simple online invoice to a very detailed one that includes timesheet notes, timesheet dates, employee name, billable rates and amounts – WorkflowMax by BlueRock can do it all.

Additional features