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Xero integration

Xero is a powerful accounting and financial reporting platform that integrates with WorkflowMax to automatically sync invoices, purchases, contacts and more.

Google Drive integration

Google Drive is a safe and secure file storage platform that allows you to store all your files in one place. You can access your files from any device, including your computer and phone.

Dropbox integration

Dropbox™ helps people be organized, stay focused & get in sync with their teams. Sync WorkflowMax by BlueRock to backup files in the cloud, share photos and videos, and more.

Box integration

Upload documents to Max and they automatically push into Box. Great for collaboration and storage.

Hubspot integration

Combine this powerful CRM and marketing platform with WorkflowMax to nurture prospects into happy customers.

SuiteFiles integration

Transform your firm with our digital workspace solution: unlock new business opportunities, elevate your client experiences, and significantly reduce your overheads.

PlanRight integration

Don't second guess how much work your business can take on. Get full visibility of your scheduling and future-planning confidently with PlanRight - the powerful add-on for WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

Etani integration

A platform that empowers your data strategy through real-time insights from EVA, their AI-powered data assistant.  Take advantage of their Power BI finance dashboard templates

SyncHub integration

SyncHub connects your cloud software with popular business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau. Start making business decisions on real business data.


TimeSlice is a time management tool for teams of any size. See your entire week in a unique calendar view.

12d Synergy

12d Synergy offers a common data environment for the engineering and construction industry.


Notud is a powerful note-taking platform allowing you to handwrite client Notes.


Zapier is a powerful integrations platform that connects WorkflowMax to thousands of your favourite applications for use in automated workflows.

Dashboard Insights

Dashboard Insights connects WorkflowMax and all your platforms and consolidates your data into a single location for beautiful insights.


Resource management software for the modern workforce.


Rally's cutting edge data integration and reporting deliver the insights that help you unlock your potential and retain more of each dollar earned.



EzzyBills allows you to automatically import data from invoices and receipts and connect it directly to your jobs in WorkflowMax by BlueRock.


Upload payroll data from WorkflowMax by BlueRock to Xero. Save time. Reduce errors. No more copy & paste. Available in Australia, New Zealand and UK from end of June.