Why WorkflowMax by BlueRock works so well for IT consultants

Streamline business and project functions and free up time to focus on billable hours and big-picture thinking.

Document management

Document management

Store documents against jobs for easy access and integrate with your favourite document management apps for even more capacity.


Business doesn’t stop when you’re out and about. The WorkflowMax by BlueRock app helps you manage from everywhere.

Reporting and dashboards

Reporting and insights

Use powerful reporting insights to understand which project type earns you the most money or where you’re under-charging your clients.

Time tracking

You and your team can choose from eight different time tracking options then you can create invoices automatically from your timesheet data. Never miss a minute of billable time again.

Time tracking
Xero integration-1

Xero integration

Your purchase orders and sales invoices are pushed directly into Xero, saving you time and eliminating double handling.