Maximise your profitability

Gain real-time insights to boost project and client profitability and make informed decisions

Quickly identify and refine strategies for underperforming jobs

Prioritise and bill effectively to seize every business opportunity

Transform invoicing efficiency

Centralise un-invoiced work and create on-the-go invoices

Automatically populate draft invoices for final dispatch

Be clear on outstanding WIP value by separating total WIP into time and disbursements


Optimise work management

Get a comprehensive snapshot of all current jobs, live billable value and current status

Explore in-depth details with a click to gain deeper insights and refined data

Distinguish projected billable values easily for effective prioritisation and streamlined capacity

Forecast with confidence

Visualise all un-invoiced work for enhanced future cost and income management

Plan billings and resources accurately with a transparent view of all work in progress

Achieve improved clarity on outstanding work for accurate and easy forecasting and cash flow management

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In a matter of seconds I can look at the WIP manager in WorkflowMax by BlueRock and see the profitability of all my jobs, plus what I can invoice straight away to keep on top of my cashflow - that’s priceless. 
josh Wilson Founder, the Software Coach

Frequently asked questions

Do all the jobs I create automatically populate in the WIP manager?

Yes. Whether or not the job has a quote, whether or not any actual time and costs have accumulated, and irrespective of the job state (even jobs in the Cancelled job state), every job you ever create will be listed on the List tab of the WIP manager.

How long will a job stay on the WIP manager and do I need to remove these manually?

Jobs will stay on the WIP manager indefinitely, until one of the following occurs: A final invoice is issued from within the job and no WIP is left on that job, the Remove from Invoice List option is used on the Financial tab of the job, or the job is removed from the List tab in the WIP manager (this method can be used to remove multiple jobs once, rather than single jobs individually).

Additional features